Cascade International
Seed Company

Since our inception in 1986, Cascade has concentrated on producing and marketing improved proprietary varieties of turf grass.

The Black Beauty Tall Fescue Program and the Blue Panther Kentucky Bluegrass Program are testament to this fact. This sustained effort has brought success and steady growth because at every opportunity, we have combined state of the art technology with practical, efficient service.

Technology plus Service

This formula – Technology plus Service – is simple enough to describe but complex and sophisticated in its implementation. We avoid the commodity aspect of the seed business by producing advanced genetic material and by concentrating our efforts on the quality end of the market spectrum.

No one works in isolation from others and here at Cascade, we rely on the experience and competence of our partners who operate Jonathan Green and Sons, Inc., Farmingdale, NJ. Each year, our sales outside of the Northeast and Midwest grow because it is our job to find markets for top rated varieties that have made the Jonathan Green brand famous.

Our Mission is to Supplying High Quality Seed

We have been profitable every year since our beginning, but of course, the seed business is not just about making a profit, it’s about supplying high quality seed for home lawns, sports fields, municipalities and commercial properties. We must always remember the fundamental mission we share with you, keep the wheels of agriculture and the “green industry” turning.

We all enjoy working in agriculture and we especially enjoy sharing the new turf grasses that we have bred and nurtured and our sense of mission with you. We are committed to providing the best quality seed that will make your business and your customers’ lives better.