Selecting the Variety, Greg Hagen with plant breeder.

Black Beauty Fescues are dense and dark green in color.

Convinced by the performance.

Foundation Field

Seed being swathed.

Seed is loaded in storage bins before cleaning.

The seed cleaner at work.

The mixing line at Cascade.

Charging the seed mixer.

Seed is shipped palletized and stretch wrapped.

Tempted by the looks.

Stove pipe seed heads predict a good yield.

Frontier Perennial Ryegrass production field just after germination.

Blue-Tastic Kentucky Bluegrass seed trial in Plymouth, Washington.

Combines harvest the seed.

Seed is separated in storage bins.

Indent disks on the seed cleaner.

The bagging scale.

Tote bags being filled with 1,000 lbs. of seed.

Black Beauty ready for shipment to a sod grower.


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